To travel and import weapons

To carry and then import your weapon, you must respect a certain procedure :

First, you have to inform the airline and obtain its approval. The weapon and the ammunition must be separated and placed in a stiff adapted box. More, the weight of the ammunition box can’t exceed 5 kg.

Arrival to Johannesburg airport, you must go to a special office with this following document:
- The importation form completed with black ink (to win time, it is better to complete it before) which one you will sign in front of the agent. Download this document
- Produce your passport with an expire validity minimum 6 months after the date of your return.
- A proof you are the owner of the weapon you travel with.
- An export document of your weapon made by the country you are coming from.
- Your flight ticket back.
- The Professional hunter invitation.

>> Download the firearm importation form

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