Terms & Conditions

It takes effect from the moment we receive your completed and signed registration form with the deposit requested according to the chosen formula.
> Download the registration form.

Price :

The published prices are given in good faith and calculated on the rates and conditions in effect at the time of the development of our program.
We reserve the right to change these prices following changes in the exchange rates or the services provided

Cancellation :
Any cancellation of the initial order results in the following facts:
• If the breach of contract occurs:
- more than 30 days from the date of departure: the cancellation fee will be € 550.
- between 30 days and one week before the departure date: the cancellation fee will be 50% of the total price of the trip.
- less than 7 days before the departure date: the cancellation fees will be 100% of the total price of the trip. We advise you to take out travel insurance (flight-repatriation, cancellation, etc.)
• If we take the initiative to cancel your trip due to force majeure, we will reimburse the full amount paid. If circumstances so require, we reserve the right, directly or through our guides, to substitute a means of transport, accommodation, an itinerary for another, as well as departure dates or departure times without that the participants can claim compensation.

Limit of our commitments:
In all cases, our service is understood to be "excluding theft", so that we can never be assimilated to a carrier or a hotelier and that we cannot be held responsible for delays, accidents, events or unpleasant circumstances that may happen during the trip.

Warning :
Any injured and not found animal is considered lost and will be billed.
Participants practice hunting at their own risk. Game is never guaranteed. They undertake to respect the laws and customs of the country which hosts them. The fact of subscribing to this program implies the unconditional acceptance of the general and specific conditions thereof.
Unless you expressly advise otherwise, we reserve the right to use photos taken during your stay for advertising purposes.

Passport - vaccination:
Participants must be in possession of a passport valid for another 6 months after the date of return, of an international arms passport (in which the weapon with which you are traveling is registered). No vaccination is required for South Africa. For more peace of mind, however, please consult your doctor.

Air transport:
If your trip should be delayed due to disruption of air transport, when it has already started, we can in no way be held responsible. We will however try to complete the main part of the planned tour and to give you satisfaction as much as possible.

Health during the trip:
We will never be more than 2 hours from a lifeguard station. The daily stages can be tiring, which is why we advise you to embark on this circuit in good health.

Contacts :
If you must be reached during the trip, leave your contact details with those who may have to contact you.
We remind you of our telephone number on the hunting area: +27 73 522 5222

Baggage :
Remember that your luggage is limited in weight. Separate your "weapons" suitcases well from cartridges and bullets, all placed in specific suitcases. Never put your ammunition and rifle breech in your carry-on baggage. Take as few valuables as possible. They will be of no use to you.

Our Services :
Our services included in the price:
- The movements in the hunting area
- The complete organization of the hunt: guide, license and permit
- The first preparation and delivery of your trophies in the local taxidermist
- Accommodation
- Full board and table drinks as well as refreshments for the bush
- Daily laundering

Not included in the price:
- A/R flights to Johannesburg
- Round trip transfer from Johannesburg to the hunting area: 600€ from 1 to 4 people / beyond 4 passengers, contact us
- Slaughter taxes (excluding special offers)
- The veterinary trophy export certificate
- Packaging and repatriation of trophies
- Customs clearance and redelivery on arrival
- Alcohols
- Personal and hunting insurance
- All other services not mentioned.

2023 Prices :

• Archery / Rifle Safari

Package including :
1 blue wildebeest or 1 zebra
2 male impalas
1 female impala

2 hunters / 1 guide : $ 2 990 / hunter
1 hunter / 1 guide : $ 3 790 / hunter

• Big Game Safari

Package including :
1 among: waterbuck, Cape eland or nyala
2 among: Burchell’s zebra, blue wildebeest, oryx
3 among: impala, ostrich, steenbok, duiker, blesbok, baboon

2 hunters / 1 guide : $ 5 250 / hunter
1 hunter / 1 guide : $ 6 150 / hunter


Shooting charges

1 hunters / 1 guide : $ 390 / day**
2 hunters / 1 guide : $ 280 / day***
Accompanying person : $ 190 / day / person

Greater Kudu (<"54)* $ 2 100
Cape eland $ 1 950
Female cape eland $ 790
Female oryx $ 1 250
Male oryx $ 1 150
Waterbuck $ 1 890
Female waterbuck $ 650
Burchell’s zebra $ 1 100
Nyala $ 2 050
Blue wildebeest $ 990
Female blue wildebeest $ 500
Woodland guib $ 950
Ostrich $ 600
Male impala $ 400
Female impala $ 175
Blesbok $ 650
Duiker $ 390
Baboon $ 175
Male warthog $ 750
Bushpig $ 500
Steenbok $ 450
Jackal $ 55
Tsessebe $ 3 500
Mountain reedbuck $ 1 350
African buffalo $ 9 500
Sable $ 4 500
Giraffe $ 3 100
Red lechwe $ 3 900
White oryx $ 4 500
Crocodile (up to 3m) $ 4 550
Crocodile (>3m) On request
Black impala $ 2 950
Golden wildebeest $ 4 500
White eland $ 8 900
Black wildebeest $ 2 000


*54 to 57 “ = $ 150 per additional inch, *57 to 60 “ = $ 250 per additional inch,
*>60” = price on request.

Minimum service > $5K excluding taxes
If this minimum is not reached, a preliminary agreement is necessary. 


Any wounded and not recovered animal will be considered lost and billed. Every missed shot 2 times in one species may not be renewed.

Our payment terms:

Hunting and accommodation: hunting and accommodation costs must be paid 8 days before departure, less the 30% deposit paid upon booking.
Shooting taxes: The shooting taxes must be paid on site, in cash and in “EURO” currency, at the end of the stay

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